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Review materials for the 2020/21 Bar Examinations a.k.a #BestBarEver2020_21. These materials are taken from various sources. We thank the authors for sharing.

Click the links to access the materials.


Important Provisions of The New Civil Code

Political Law Case Doctrines based on the UST Volume 65 Covered Cases for 2020 – 2021


Lawyer’s Oath Quizzer


Pre-Week Syllabus-based Reviewers by Rehne Gibb Larena

400 Important Provisions in Civil Law

LA Kato’s Labor Law Handout (Codal Provisions Annotated)


2020/21 LANDMARK CASES by UST Law Review

Chair’s Case Doctrines in Legal and Judicial Ethics by Prof. Erickson H. Balmes

Chair’s Case Doctrines in Mercantile Law by Prof. Erickson H. Balmes

LA Kato’s Labor Law Handout (2019-2020 Jurisprudence)

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