Our Favorite Anime Assassins

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Hi there! First of all, we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us better.

One thing you should know about us here at Legal Assassins is that we love anime! Be it an anime about pirates, shinobis, hunters, soldiers, heroes, or even assassins!

It’s hard to rank anime assassins so we’ll just list our favorites in no particular order.

Kenshin Himura

By Rurouni Kenshin Kanzenban 1, Fair use, Link

Our logo inspiration. The legendary Hitokiri Battousai.

Technically, Kenshin is a former assassin. Tormented by his past, he vowed never to take a life ever again. Despite his bloody past, it’s hard not to like this character. We even based our name and logo on him! Legal Assassins came to life when we were studying Criminal Law and watching Rurouni Kenshin at the same time. Awesome combination, by the way.

Killua Zoldyck

Killua from Hunter x Hunter written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.

Another former assassin tormented by his past. Descended from a family of assassins, Killua wanted to forge his own life and left his family and their shady business. This kid went from ruthless assassin to trusted and loyal friend.


It is believed that the cover art can or could be obtained from Square Enix., Fair use, Link

Akame is one of the deadliest anime assassins. At a very young age, Akame underwent assassination training. She joined a group of assassins called Night Raid to overthrow a corrupt Empire. Contrary to her cold appearance, Akame is actually very emotional especially when she loses a friend.

Light Yagami

By Death Note chapter 1 title page, Fair use, Link

Light Yagami is not really an assassin since he is not paid or contracted to kill. Let’s just call him what he is – a cold-blooded killer. But Light possesses two things that proved to be as lethal as an assassin’s sword: (1) supreme intellect; and (2) the Death Note. With these, Light becomes Kira – the figure he refers to as “the god of the new world”. Scary.


Koro-sensei from Assassination Classroom written and illustrated by Yūsei Matsui.

A teacher who wants his students to kill him? Yes, please! Like Kenshin, Koro-sensei is also a former legendary assassin. Known as “The Reaper”, Koro-sensei is said to have destroyed the moon and agreed not to destroy earth on the condition that his students be able to assassinate him. However, he also imposed upon himself the voluntary obligation of not harming his students without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion!

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